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Is Your Health Important To You? Do You Want To Be In Good Hands?

Prague-Based Sommerová Fitness Helps Individuals Take Their Strength, Conditioning & Performance to the Next Level

Elese Sommerová

​Performance Is Built on a Complex Approach


  • Periodization of training cycles  

  • Effective exercise selection

  • Highly structured workouts

  • Strength Testing 

  • Data & performance analysis


  • Individualized based on your sport or personal goals   

  • Effective evaluation of training intensity

  • Performance Testing

  • Data & performance analysis


  • Injury prevention 

  • Utilization of proper recovery tools 

  • Education about various recovery methods and when to use them

Strength Training for
Health & Performance

Sommerová Fitness

Coaching for Progress, not Perfection.

Do you want to improve your sports performance? Do you want to see your work in the gym pay off? 

At Sommerová Fitness, no performance or personal goal is too big or too small. Through the use of science-backed training models, I can create an effective training program so that you reach these goals.

I've been having sessions with Elese for more than a year, and I can only say that she's one of the few coaches that were able to create a routine that works for me, my body type, and my lifestyle. She's very knowledgeable and explains very well how the exercises make sense in the routine. She's also very understanding and easy to talk to whenever I have doubts or requests about the routine.

Vicky Alvarez, Data Analyst

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